Project Examples

Short Range Radio Project

BlueICe developed a complete SOC for a short range radio standard in close cooperation with a big IDM.

BlueICe was responsible for the overall product coordination: architecture,  RTL, embedded software, verification, validation and certification.

The software comprised the Link Layer and the Application software. The analog and RF transceiver part was designed, verified and validated external to BlueICe. The component was designed ground up; the PHY-MAC architecture has in its heart a customized generic ultra low power, flexible packet processor which is controlled by a standard micro-controller.

High data rate OQPSK modulation

BlueICe developed for one of its customers a proprietary high data rate OQPSK modulation.

The algorithm was developed ground up, verified in open source tools. In a second step it was implemented as code on the BLUSP processor and in a full RTL realization.

The algorithm allows for a data rate up to 1Mbit/s in a narrow bandwidth of a few 100Khz. In line with the bandwidth available in the industrial 868 MHz band, in Europe. The S/N performance is less than 3db away of the theoretical best: the Shannon limit.

Our engineers embedded in your projects

A number of our engineers have been and are integrated in customer projects. These projects have been in competence areas such as real time software development, validation, RTL development, architecture, RTL Verification.