Business Models

Turnkey development

BlueICe is offering its complete product offer as turnkey projects. BlueICe takes full ownership of the project, committing itself to deliver the agreed solution for a given budget and in an agreed timeline.

In this model BlueICe is flexible in terms of compensation. We are willing to share development cost and we are willing on a case by case basis to accept business risk.

Our engineers embedded in your projects

This service is in competence areas as real time software development, validation, RTL development, architecture, RTL Verification.

IP license

BlueICe is selling its IPs either as part of an overall development agreement or granting a license. Compensation can be based on a license fee or a royalty or a combination of both.

Technical and project management oriented advice

Here we are flexible in terms of compensation. This can be effort based or can be result based. Next to or part of our product offer, we also offer to help our customers in the management of complex projects, Semiconductor strategy and product strategy consultancy.

We help our customers in making the right “silicon strategy” decisions: which technology, which foundry, FPGA or silicon, architecture, production strategy.

This is based on the long experience of our team members in the semiconductor and electronics industry. Further augmented by the partnerships we have in place.

Furthermore BlueICe has put in place a number of partnerships which fill the knowledge gaps and which allow to handle larger projects. We have experience handling large projects, managing our own, the partner and customer resources in a complete project. We have partnerships in place on software tools, RF development, application software design, digital design, silicon prototyping and test.