Execution Quality

Execution quality is one of our core values. For us it means far going, largely automated, randomized simulation based verification. If possible with models of the [analog] surrounding world and with the [complete] application software.

It goes hand in hand with execution effectiveness where we want to be frugal, efficient, fast, automated.

We eradicate ‘design by simulation’; we are not afraid to redo small or less small parts of a development if we feel the initial architecture is not ‘good’ enough: becoming “a spaghetti”, hard to verify.

90% feasibility

In all our decisions we go to “90%” of what is maximum feasible. “90%”  stands for the point where the additional cost outweighs the benefits. This philosophy applies e.g. to the power consumption of an IP, where we architect for 90% of best possible even if this looks an overkill at first sight.

It applies to verification, it applies to validation, it applies to algorithmic development.

In our belief it leads to great product, competition proof; it leads to low bug levels, and to faster overall project lead times, and finally to overall lower project costs.

It means we stop thinking when doing more is costing too much…

Research and IP development

BlueICe invests in research and IP development to realize breakthrough architecture and IPs.

Our area of interest is ultralow power programmable architectures, which can be tuned to specific application as wireless transceivers, RADAR receivers and image processing. We are  investing in an all_digital PLL architecture featuring low phase noise, fast frequency settling time and very low power consumption.

We have relationships with IMEC, INTEC, TU-Delft, IWT on these research topics.