BlueICe partnered with ALLGO Systems on the development of application software. ALLGO Systems is a software development company in Bangalore. BlueICe is working together with ALLGO Systems since early 2011.

BlueICe signed with IMEC Services and agreement giving BlueICe access to TSMC library and technology information down to 28nm. Furthermore it gives BlueICe access to prototyping and production services through this agreement.

BlueICe partnered with TU-Delft, INTEC-IMEC on the development of its BLUSP DSC core. It partnered with BlueBee, a spinoff out of TU-Delft, on the development of a compiler for its processor.

BlueICe has a number of partner companies on RF design

BlueICe and Barco Silex, two Belgian high-tech engineering companies, started a technological alliance offering to the SoC world their complementary expertise. Combining BlueICe's exptertise in wireless systems and ultra-low power solutions  with the high level expertise of Barco Silex IPs (Crypto and Video) and SoC/ASIC/FPGA/Board design capabilities, they address specific markets like secured wireless communications, miniaturized autonomous systems, MtoM systems, and others.